Monitoring and Targeting Bureau

We provide professional outsourced energy and water M&T services to support a wide range of energy management professionals.

M&T tailor made to each client’s requirements.

Our focus is on ensuring that metering system data is analysed and used to its maximum potential. We provide regular alarming and reporting services to ensure problems and opportunities are not missed.

This service can use any metering system or energy data available, not only Enica’s own metering systems. Data can be provided in a range of formats from simple Excel files through to cloud hosted M&T systems. Our experienced energy and water data analysts use a wide-range of analysis techniques including:

- Degree day correction and normalisation
- Bench-marking and performance indicators
- Cost overspend
- Regression, CUSUM, and deviation

Our approach makes mining large quantities of meter data simple to ensure that clients are aware of priority actions.

We have a range of in-house customised reports or can tailor make M&T reports to suit our clients’ requirements.