Tuff Splice

The simple way to connect meter pulse wiring in harsh environments


Waterproof Cable Jointing

The Tuff Splice system is a robust and fast wire connector for use in harsh environments such as water meter pits. Pulse wiring is splice crimped and then placed into the protective Tuff Splice boot. Waterproof gel inside the Tuff Splice makes the connections waterproof.


Small Tuff Splice

Typically used for connecting a single 2core pulse output wiring from a water meter to an AMR logger. Waterproof gel and cable clamp system seals and holds the cables to make a robust unit.

Sold in bags of 100 units

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Large Tuff Splice

The large Tuff Splice has a thicker body to accept more crimp connections. Typically used for water meters with more complex wiring from pulse units or loggers.

Sold in bags of 100 units

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