Craft in the Bay


Solar PV Installation

The Maker’s Guild’s Craft in the Bay building, located in Cardiff Bay is well known for its unique and unusual listed structure. The Guild set out to source a long-term energy solution for its flagship building. Enica conducted a in depth Energy Efficiency report detailing costed achievable beneficial outcomes of improving on energy efficiency funded by the Resource Efficient Wales program delivered by the Welsh Government .

Enica worked with the client throughout the installation of a solar PV system and an LED lighting upgrade to reduce the carbon footprint of the building. It is estimated that Craft in the Bay has lowered its Carbon output by nearly 11 tons a year. Craft in the Bay was successful in receiving innovative funding for these capital projects from sources such as The Garfield Weston Foundation, the British Airways Carbon Fund and the Arts Council of Wales Lottery Capital Programme. The solar PV installation was delivered by GB-Solar Ltd and the LED upgrade were supplied by Zumtobel UK and installed by Tremorfa Ltd.

The success of this project is not only counted in energy savings and carbon reduction. This project has allowed the Guild to put the financial savings made possible by this project into its long term planning and budgeting. These savings in expenditure will allow the Guild to plan longer term enabling it to build on further its Charitable Aims through exhibitions and educational projects in the community.