Electricity, Gas and Water AMR Installation

Enica's Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems can be installed onto main electric, water
and gas billing meters to collect detailed consumption data

Our metering systems can connect to virtually any main electric, water or gas billing meter.

We work with all water authorities/wholesalers across the UK for connection of our systems to main water meters and liaise with all gas MAMs for official logger installation. Enica is a National Grid MPU approved contractor for gas AMR logger installation.

Our range of hardware means that we currently have a 100% connection success rate to main billing water meters across the UK using wireless GSM technology to collect data from even the remotest meter.

Enica water AMR systems are currently providing meter reads to several UK water wholesalers for intelligent and smart billing through AMR.


Electricity AMR

Collection of data from HHD and Non-HHD meter data collections and installation of customer AMR systems.



As a National Grid MPU listed contractor, we supply install and maintain a fleet of gas AMR loggers across the UK. Our equipment is used by various gas MAMs.


Water AMR

We install and maintain water AMR loggers across the UK, working with every wholesaler currently in operation. We also maintain AMR systems and provide data for thousands of meter points.