Enica makes sure that meters are correctly setup and installed correctly.

What point would a metering system be if it didn’t produce accurate and reliable data. At Enica, we provide our years of experience to a wide range of projects where existing or new metering systems are in need of technical setup and commissioning. Our systematic and methodical approach has proven its worth time and time again, with a wide range of clients.

How do we do it?

We have a range of calibrated test instruments and proven commissioning procedures to test all types of meter. Starting from the very beginnings, we methodically ensure correct setup and reading of each meter and collect the data on an electronic database. Reports with photographic evidence are then prepared to document our findings.

Not just for Enica meter systems

We regularly provide technical meter commissioning services to new builds and other metering system installers, not just for Enica’s metering systems. We bring an element of independence to the commissioning, witnessing and testing.

Some of the metering systems that we have provided independent commissioning, testing and inspection for include:

  • Trend

  • Schneider

  • Kamstrup

  • Elster

  • Northern Design

  • Elcomponent

  • Enercom

  • Rumm

  • Tridium

  • Socomec

The added confidence we get from knowing that our metering system is correctly measuring is vitally important. Without it we simply would not be able to carry out successful energy management.
— Peter Phelps - Energy Manager - University of Bath

Diagnostics and Testing

Our services can help to diagnose and test faulty or unreliable metering systems. We bring a level of independence to the process and ensure meters are functioning as expected.


University of Bath

Enica have recommissioned hundreds of energy and water meters of various types and make across the campus. The system is now recording data accurately and the university has a database of meter details.